12/52 (& a whole lot of catching up!)

March 24, 2014

The week I last posted a portrait, my feet started swelling up. I've been really tired and whenever I get home from work I'd get into whatever was most comfortable and put my feet up on the couch - not so conducive for picture taking. 

I'm not much better today but I'm so grateful for the chance to be growing this little person, I don't want to miss the chance of recording it all. So I don't exactly love my chubby tired face in this photo, but at least our tiny little guy can look back at this photo one day and know how excited I was about him.

and here's a few snaps from the last few weeks (there are 2 pictures for 10/52 because I was pretty excited about the pie we bought that day). 
and now we're all caught up! x

:: taking stock {march} ::

March 19, 2014

It's been awhile since I've been around these parts... tired, swollen feet and all that. So to catch us up, I'm taking stock today.

Making: A quilt
Cooking: something with vegetables
Drinking: hot lemon & honey
Reading: What To Expect / Up the Duff
Wanting: A good sleep
Looking: more pregnant
Playing: John Legend
Deciding: on a name
Wishing: for cooler weather
Enjoying: weekends
Waiting: to see if my sore throat avoids becoming a full blow cold
Liking: the split pea soup I made for dinner
Wondering: what happened to MH370 :(
Loving: my caring husband
Pondering: what our baby will look like
Watching: The Block 
Hoping:  for an early night
Marvelling: we get to meet our little boy in about 14 weeks
Needing: new shoes for my swollen feet
Smelling: everything. not always a good thing.
Wearing: stretchy clothes
Following: too many blogs
Knowing: i'm very loved
Thinking:  i'm a lucky lady
Feeling: baby kicks
Admiring: my mum
Sorting: baby clothes
Buying: craft supplies
Getting: heavy
Bookmarking: everything 'baby' on Pinterest
Disliking: unhelpful advice
Opening: a bottle of sparkling mineral water
Giggling: at this.

*Picture is from a month ago - the view up when my belly & I were stuck between my car and the wall in our driveway.


February 25, 2014

:: A portrait of my baby, once a week, every week, for a whole year ::

I just love every week that passes by. I can't believe we are already at 22 weeks. We have a long way to go yet and our little sesame has so much growing to do, but I love knowing he is getting bigger and stronger and it's getting closer until we meet him. 

I've been uncomfortable this week. Aching knees and feet mostly. Apparently that's common now as the hormones relax all your joints. It might seem silly but I so don't care about the pain. I'm not a weirdo but all I need to do is feel my little guy wiggle around in my tummy and my aching knee doesn't seem to matter any more.

Oh and i'm completely obsessed with milk. I'm drinking 2-3 glasses a day (mostly with milo in it, because hey milo is the best).

I think i've gained too much weight though. According to the last 'weekly update' email i'm a few kgs more than they recommend (boo). So the last few days i've been trying to watch my sugar intake - booooring. Especially when you'e hungry ALL the time. On that note, i'll have another glass of water.

Love you sesame x

A wishlist for a little mr.

February 21, 2014

 //1: Bed Nest CoSleeper Cot // 2: Kleynimals // 3: Sydney Toy Ferry - Make Me Iconic // 4: Blue Stripe Dungarees by Joules // 5: Phil & Teds Navigator Stroller // 6: The Everything Blanket -  Little Hip Squeaks // 7: Knitted Caridgan by Joules // 8: Prince George Moccs - Freshly Picked // 9: Maxi Cosi Mico Car Capsule // 10: ErgoPouch airCocoon Swaddle //

Once my sister said to me that she had more fun shopping for clothes for her babies then herself. I didn't get it. Now, I totally understand what she meant and our little guy isn't even close to being here yet (well about 18 weeks to go anyway).

It's actually really easy to get carried away with planning and buying things. I have been really good and probably only bought about 3-4 items of clothing for Sesame. Though he does already have more clothes than I do - thanks entirely to my sister giving me hand-me-downs from her son. 

But being a planner like me I've had several Pinterest boards for our little guy for months now. This one has been a favourite to put together. An 'anything goes' wishlist. It's a real combination of things: stuff i'd love to buy but cannot afford (a $550 cot!) to the affordable stuff, like baby clothes by Joules. I've got my eye on that knitted cardi. I can just picture our little dude getting around in it! *squeal*.

So there you have it, a wishlist for our little man who is definitely on his way. Picking a top ten was really hard but so much fun. Now to try and not fill our house with stuff he'll grow out of before I can dress him in it!

You can see all the pins on my Wishlist board on Pinterest x 

:: This post is sponsored by Joules, a brand I trust for quality stylish clothing and accessories ::


February 18, 2014

:: A portrait of my baby, once a week, every week, for a whole year ::

My favourite time of day is bedtime. I mean, I've always loved that time as I love sleeping but at the moment it's for a different reason. It's when I feel our little boy move the most. That quiet time when i've gotten myself all ready for bed, I lie down, everything is quiet and calm. I put my hands on my belly and then he starts. A thud here, a tumble there.

Although there a lots of things that make this pregnancy feel real (this tummy, my need for food, my tiredness, the fact it's increasingly hard to pick things up off the ground). But these moments, they are my favourite. I love them so much because sometimes I worry I'll wake up and it's all a dream.

I've been worried for a while I haven't felt him move a lot, although my midwife and doctor have assured me it's perfectly fine and normal when you have an anterior placenta.That means my placenta basically grew from the front rather than the back so there's lots of cushioning to prevent me feeling his constant acrobatics. However, I longed to feel him, to be reassured he was actually in there and okay.

So after I ate dinner on Saturday and for the first time I felt a distinct thud after thud, I couldn't stop smiling. I'm so lucky to be the mum of this little boy. 

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