IVF: Getting Prepared

November 25, 2013

It's been quiet around here lately. I've been looking after myself. I attempted for a few weeks to try and post here and there but eventually I said no more. It's honestly been tough just managing to keep up with my day job, let alone anything else.

Why? We've been going through IVF. Our cycle is now complete but I have a few posts i've written i'll share over the next few weeks about the process. Going into it, I really didn't have much of an clue. I was so scared and I'd really only heard bad stories about horrific side effects and so when it got closer I didn't want to read anything.

I spent the week or two leading up to the IVF trying my best to prepare. I don't really know if there's a lot you can do to actually prepare yourself but I think it helped a bit. I was so crazy anxious. I downloaded some fertility meditation podcasts.

Listening to them before bed really help me let go of all the anxiety, relax my body one muscle at a time and take some time for me. I cut back on the extra-curriculars... no plans means if I didn't feel well, I didn't have to cancel last minute or let anyone down or have the stress of keeping up with anyone's expectations.

I also checked in with the naturopath I was seeing and did a 2-week course of iodine and a specific herbal blend. I'd been eating really healthy in the months prior which made me feel like i'd done my best to physically support my body during the IVF cycle. That also meant no diet coke - I've actually lost track of how long i've stopped drinking it now - it's been months.

We also decided to tell our close family and a couple of friends we'd expect to see during that time what we were doing. We knew their support would be so precious to us.

So, not exactly fool-proof but I felt like I'd done what I could - not to mention loads and loads of prayers.

Next up: it begins!

P.s. if you are going through it, or thinking about doing IVF and want to ask any questions at all please feel free to comment below or email me (jessrfrost {at} gmail {dot} com)

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