IVF: It begins

December 6, 2013

The day I went in for the blood test to get started was exciting. I couldn't believe we were going to start IVF - for reals. It was also a bit annoying. They didn't say so, but it so clearly a test to be sure I wasn't pregnant. I really wasn't.

We got the all clear to start (derr) and went in the next day to get our medications and so the nurses could show Tom how to do the injections. I'm pretty good with needles but not if I watch them go in. There's no way I could inject myself. I'd heard stories of needing 4-5 injections a day and was so scared about being so bruised and bloated in my tummy.

I'd been all excited and Tom had been nervous for the week leading up to that day. Then, the day we got the meds I was so crazy nervous and Tom was excited. He had no problems figuring out how to do the injections. I think the extra 'cushioning' on my stomach helped as he had to pinch the skin and inject into that part - there's plenty to pinch on my tummy!

When the nurse showed us we only had to take 1 injection for the first 3 days and then two each day after, I was relieved. To know we'd got started was super cool. If I thought about the whole process i'd slightly start to lose it but I focused on my 'You can do today' motto and just focused on getting through each day.

Next up: Bruises.

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